"Staying healthy and leading healthy Mission agencies In pandemic times" ALMA webinar series

Economic Health for Mission Agencies

The pandemic has brought with it not only health-related concerns, but ongoing financial stressors that are anticipated to impact families, businesses, and non-profit organizations alike.

What financial impact should we expect our mission agencies to experience because of the pandemic?  What are the most effective fundraising practices during a recession?  Should we ask current donors to give even more?  Is it a good use of resources to spend time acquiring new donors amid this crisis?  What fundraising efforts will yield the best bang-for-buck?

This webinar was held on Wednesday, July 29 at 1:00 PM Central Time.


Linda Haley's Bio

Since 1995, Linda has successfully developed funds, helping to raise more than $100 million for various non-profits, including religious, social services, educational, and healthcare organizations.

Linda has a breadth of “in the trenches” development experience that makes her an invaluable resource to organizations of all sizes. She’s worked at small, mid-sized, and large charities, leading development initiatives to incredible successes along the way.

Realizing a long-time dream, Linda started Let’s Build Hope, LLC, in 2013, where she now guides nonprofit agencies by teaching, coaching, and mentoring development teams, senior staff, and Board members. She has also developed – and teaches – a week-long Annual Fund Training Camp through which she has educated more than 200 fundraisers and volunteers about the intricacies of successful fund development and the need for a true culture of philanthropy.

Linda has been a CFRE since 2001 and serves in various volunteer capacities with non-profits in St. Louis; she is especially passionate about mental health. Linda speaks both locally and nationally about fund development and is a vocal advocate for nonprofits who seek to change the fabric of the communities in which they serve.